3 Common Questions About Motivational Enhancement Therapy

One model for drug addiction recovery that your therapist may offer is motivational enhancement therapy, also known as MET. This approach to counseling involves building motivation to participate in treatment and to stop using substances. The idea of motivational enhancement therapy is that it will guide you through the process of recovery while also helping you change your goals from within. You are not simply along for the ride, you are an active part of your recovery, which is fundamental to MET.

3 Vital Reasons To Invest In Family Counseling Services

Many emotional, behavioral, and psychological issues can cause problems within your family. They include depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and many more. Families with such issues find it hard to communicate with each other because of what’s going on in their lives. Parents may also neglect their children, making them feel disconnected. Thankfully, family counseling services can address your concerns and help you overcome them. This article highlights some reasons to consider family counseling services.