3 Common Questions About Motivational Enhancement Therapy

One model for drug addiction recovery that your therapist may offer is motivational enhancement therapy, also known as MET. This approach to counseling involves building motivation to participate in treatment and to stop using substances.

The idea of motivational enhancement therapy is that it will guide you through the process of recovery while also helping you change your goals from within. You are not simply along for the ride, you are an active part of your recovery, which is fundamental to MET.

What Happens When You Come to MET?

If MET is included as part of your drug addiction recovery program, you will first attend a session in which you are assessed by the therapist. The therapist will determine what kinds of treatment will follow. This may be when your therapist determines you are a good candidate for MET.

After the therapist makes this determination, your therapist will provide information about the treatment plan. He or she will also talk to you about substance use and topics like motivation.

What Substances Does MET Help With?

You may benefit from motivation enhancement therapy if you are dealing with addiction or reliance on marijuana, or substances like nicotine, alcohol, or cocaine as well.

Additionally, MET is not only associated with substance abuse. If you live with drug addiction, you may also notice conditions like anxiety and eating disorders that interact with your addiction. MET will help you through the challenges that these conditions may throw at you.

What Will You Learn in MET Sessions?

When you attend MET for drug addiction recovery, you will learn a variety of strategies for coping. This may be a stressful time in your life, but it does not have to be impossible to work through in a healthy way.

In treatment, you may also feel motivated to see a real change. This means that you will work with a therapist to build the confidence and engagement necessary to go to treatment. You will also set goals for therapy and treatment, as well as develop a plan so that you can see the changes.

Ultimately, the goal of MET is to show you that you are not powerless and that you can make good choices. You will learn how to take control of your life.

You Can Try MET

Motivational enhancement therapy is a great way to find strength in yourself. It is also a good way to move toward treatment with an open mind.