Three Priorities For Workplace Stress Leave

Work-related stress isn’t something that you should take lightly. While there are several things that you can change to make your workday less stressful, you should also entertain the idea of taking stress leave. It’s relatively easy to get your family doctor to write a note suggesting that you take a leave of absence for stress-related reasons, and many employers will take this seriously because they want to avoid a stress-related workers’ compensation claim.

Managing Your Medications: How You Can Do This Through Various Stages Of Dementia

Any type of dementia (e.g., organic, age-related, Alzheimer’s) brings with it a progressively debilitating problem; the problem of remembering your medication. Medication management services help people who are diagnosed with different memory loss issues, from the early stages to the late stages of their disease or disorder. If you have recently been diagnosed with the very earliest stages of dementia, there are solutions to help you remember your daily medications and medication times.

How To Cope With Life Changes And Transitions

When you go through a major life transition or change, you may feel overwhelmed. The life change may be happy, like a marriage or the birth of a child, or sad, like the death of a family member. No matter if it’s happy or unhappy, you may feel as though you need help coping with the transition. Here are some ways you can cope with a life transition: 1. Lean On Your Support Group