Why You Need Counseling As A Narcissist Victim

If you have ever been under the thumb of a true narcissist, you know that your world has been turned upside-down. Narcissism is part of a long list of mental disorders, and it is often part of a comorbid disorder that is alarming, such as being a sociopath or an addict. You may not realize you are with a narcissist at first because these individuals are typically cunning and often chameleon-like in their actions, but once you do realize you are in this type of relationship, you can be scarred for a long time.

Being the victim of narcissism is difficult because it's hard to have your story heard and to be properly understood. It also takes a long time to recover because you have to overcome many obstacles and take the time to set apart reality from fiction that the narcissist has created for you. Here are some reasons why you may need counseling after you encounter narcissism.

You have been manipulated and gaslighted

Narcissists are master manipulators, wearing many masks to conceal their true selves. This means that you have probably spent a long time — maybe your entire relationship — being bullied, gaslighted, manipulated, and used, without even realizing it. You have to learn that this has happened to you and how to retrace your steps so you can take your reality back. This is one way to make you stronger and help you avoid being the victim of another narcissist, or the same one, in the future.

You may be prone to this type of personality

While it may seem like the opposite is true, narcissists actually seek out strong, talented, capable, and often physically alluring people to be their targets. This way, a narcissist can suck out all the good in their targets until there is nothing left physically, emotionally, financially, and sexually, before moving on to the next victim. As a narcissist victim, you may have an empathetic nature and a desire to save people, which can lead you to fall for another narcissist. Counseling can help you learn how to identify red flags so you can protect yourself without shutting yourself off from the world.

You can get counseling for narcissistic abuse online or in person. If you choose to get help for your relationship, know that you can recover and you are taking the right steps toward making your life better again. If you can overcome a narcissist, you can accomplish a great many things in your life. 

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