When Your Teen Is Just Too Much

Teenagers are normally rebellious and outspoken. That is just par for the course in human development. However, teens that act out and are out of control are beyond what is "normal" in terms of development. When your teen is just too much, do not take him/her on a cheesy talk show. It will not help matters. Instead, take them to a therapist, then try one of the following to get them back under your parental control.

Alternative District School

Many school districts now offer alternative high schools for kids with problems. These schools make modifications to fit the educational needs of the students, as well as shortening the class day and providing tutoring in detention halls rather than just having the kids sit all day. Out-of-school suspensions are not a discipline option, given that many of these students would only resort to more trouble. In some school districts, students in alternative district schools also need a teacher to badge-swipe them in and out of school so students cannot "ditch." Random drug screenings may also be offered if students have had issues with drugs and they are suspected to be under the influence while at school.

Teen Boot Camp

There are troubled teen boot camps too. These may be an option if you need something to occupy your troubled teen during the summer or your teen needs an extra kick in the pants to learn proper behavior. The schedules at these camps are quite rigorous, and discipline is very strict. Some camps will even participate in prison programs that place teens inside a prison and up close with prisoners for a major reality check. For most kids, it works because it scares them back into submission.

Troubled Teen Boarding School

When none of the above gets through to your teen, it may be time to send him or her to a troubled teen boarding school. This is a school away from home option that is very strict and discipline is harsh. However, the "tough love" practiced on campus really forces teens to reexamine where their lives are headed if they do not shape up. The regular counseling and therapy sessions, both individual and group, also help teens find out why they are so angry, violent, and/or aggressively hurting themselves or others. A year or two in boarding school might be exactly what your troubled teen needs, and it may be the very break you need as a parent too. For more information, contact a business such as Youth Programs For Troubled Teens