4 Reasons A Couple Should See A Marriage Therapist

There is no doubt that marriage can be hard—a couple may begin their marriage completely in love and with lofty goals for the future, but things can deteriorate when real life sets in. Luckily, marriage therapists are available to help couples who are having a difficult time in their marriage. There are several situations where you should seek the assistance of a marriage counselor, such as:

Negative Communication

Effective communication is one of the keys to a successful marriage, so when communication becomes negative, a marriage can experience issues. Yelling, name calling, or any type of communication that leaves one or both parties feeling upset, disregarded, or disrespected can be very damaging for a relationship. A breakdown in communication and overall negative communication between a couple does not mean that the marriage is doomed or that the love is gone. An experienced marriage therapist can help you and you spouse learn how to communicate respectfully and resolve problems in a healthy way.


When one or both people in a marriage has an extramarital affair, the marriage definitely suffers. But that does not mean that it is impossible to rebuild and repair a marriage after infidelity. Both people must be willing to work hard to fix a marriage after an affair, and a marriage therapist can be a valuable resource in facilitating communication, providing advice, and helping the spouse who did not cheat determine if he or she is able to forgive and move forward with the relationship.

Inability to Resolve Problems

In many cases, a couple may know what their problems and difference are but have no idea of how to fix them on their own. An experienced marriage therapist will have the skills and expertise to help spouses learn how to effectively work through any kind of differences, whether minor or major. 

Divorce Is Being Considered

When a marriage becomes increasingly toxic and upsetting for both parties, separation or divorce may be mentioned. Many people want their marriage to work, but it can seem like an impossible task to make changes that lead to a happy relationship. In some cases, a couple may not be able to work out their differences, and a divorce is best for all parties involved. But seeing a marriage therapist prior to making a major decision like divorce is in your best interest. With the assistance of a marriage therapist, you and your spouse may realize that your marriage is not beyond repair.